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Os Der Lever, Niels Hausgaard

Somewhere by the sea

Dune Productions, Klitvæsen  Nanna Guldbæk illustration

’Os der lever’ is a grandiose cinematic poem of pride, nature, and people on the Northwest coast of Denmark. With humor as the driving force, the film is weaved together by the the words of the local people who lets us in under their skin. We get to know their dreams, fears, and their search for answers to life’s big questions.

The narrator, local entertainer Niels Hausgaard, guides us through the beautiful nature and opens the door to the people who each has found their own way of fighting off insignificance. Accompanied by Aalborg Symphony Orchestra’s magnificent arrangements and with the coastline lighthouse as a landmark, we are invited to join the locals in their everyday activities and eavesdrop on their private thoughts.


‘Os der lever’ uses elements of love and proximity to show us the spirit of a place. Fragments of conversations become elements in a tidy bouquet of images that reveals an artistic and cinematic masterpiece. Every little detail is bound neatly together in this portrait of a place, where typical family housing lies alongside empty mink farms and the great outdoors. 


Contrasts are ubiquitous and the film let us linger here in a place where everything and nothing is left to coincidence. A place where one must act if monuments shall last no matter if the driver’s license is valid for scooter, tractor, or limousine. 



Os der lever visninger i DK kort
Dune Productions Klitten må ikke betrædes skilt, Nanna Guldbæk illustration



Directed by Anne Svejgård Lund

Production by: Dune Productions

Producers: Nikkie Breinholt Dahm, Anne Svejgård Lund 

Associate Producer: Marie Schmidt Olesen

Written by: Niels Hausgaard, Anne Svejgård Lund

Edited by: Sofie Steenberger, Anders Christian Rasmussen

Cinematography: Anders Christian Rasmussen,

Anne Svejgård Lund

Sound Designer: Freja Printz

Composed by: Astrid Fabrin

Orchestrator: Martin Nygård Jørgensen 

Narrated by: Niels Hausgaard

Score: by Aalborg Symphony Orchestra

Running time: 86 minutes 

Premiere: 3/2/2023

Supported by 

Den Vestdanske Filmpulje

Sparekassen Danmark


Region Nordjylland

Jyske Kunstfond

Statens Kunstfond

Norlys Vækstfond

Dune Productions, Os der lever plakat
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