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Community Screenings 

Our goal is to give something back to the audience and to give our films an afterlife. As cultural forces and creative catalysts we take our social responsibility and commitment to contribute, seriously. We have created an outreach-program for people living on nursing homes in Northern Jutland. We have named the program ‘We are (still) alive’. 

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We believe that a present story about you and me can create a common identity and increase the quality of life. We want to bring high quality documentary films out to meet our local audiences who rarely get to watch artistic films together. Going forward we aim to help other film productions reach the rural North Jutlandic villages and their engaged audiences.


By exploring the target group through a series of test screenings, we have developed a special version of the film with live music, specifically for this audience. The event will be arranged with focus on presence, music, and shared experiences with next of kinds. The program can be scaled and we hope to include more Danish films in the future.

'We are (still) alive’ will be screened at 10-15 nursing homes in Northern Jutland throughout 2023. 

Photocredit: Tao Lytzen

The project is 

supported by 

North Denmark Region

DaneAge Association

Sparekassen Danmark

and has been elected North Jutlandic Signature project within Culture and Health at the regional project Kulturkanten.

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